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We have a great selection of quality living rooms and bedroom furnitures for you to choose from! Our large selection of massage chairs and living rooms furniture items and low manufactured prices will allow you to be very competitive in reselling our quality furniture’s. Our production facility in china is formally Italian owned and run with highly experienced manufacturing personal. We use top grade Italian leather & other international leathers from all over the world on all our leather sofas. Our fabric sofas are made from the best microfiber sofa materials available today. As technology advances so does our Italian leather & microfiber materials advance.

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Quality Living Rooms

A wide variety of high quality living room furniture factory, contemporary living rooms, italian living rooms, quality plush sofas, sectional sofa sets, classic living rooms, plush comfort living rooms, sectional living rooms and traditional living rooms for best prices, directly from the factory in China. We carry all types of living room sofa sets and couches, in all styles. Modern & contemporary living room furniture, Italian napa soft leather sofas and couches, modern sectional sofa set, high tech living room style, classic style living room set, traditional and antique European style sofa sets, clean cut sofa style, rich and heavy sofa sets style, with option for recliner sofa sets, or pull out couches.

Bedroom Furnitures

Quality furniture factory carries a huge variety of best quality bedroom furniture sets on sale prices, that you get only when buying direct from the factory in china.

We offer different styles of bedroom furnitures, from modern and contemporary bedroom furniture sets to classic and modern bedroom sets, in different color, shapes and sizes, with or without a headboard.

All the products on quality furniture factory are Top quality furniture guarantee from top recognized quality factory. Backed by a full factory warranty, satisfaction is guaranteed. We do wholesale, Online wholesale source for Bedroom furnitures, italian bedroom furniture, contemporary and modern wholesale bedrooms furniture sets from china.

Infrared Portable Sauna

We carry a wide variety of Infrared portable sauna, Portable fir sauna, all top quality and the most new models of sauna room, such as infrared sauna rooms in all sizes and styles. We offer corner sauna room or square sauna rooms, sauna room for 1 persons, 2 persons, 3 persons, sauna rooms for 4 persons and more.

Our Infrared portable sauna, Portable fir sauna, are designed in stylish look for the house and let you enjoy daily from the health benefits of a sauna room in your house, such as the detoxification of toxins from your body. Weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning, Muscle and stress relief and improved skin complexion and immune system.

Wholesale Massage Chairs

Our wholesale massage chairs are designed by our top hi-tech health care engineers. We handcraft each chair to make sure it is designed to meet each of our customers’ needs. Our wholesale massage chairs have been advertised on CCTV and are well known. We manufacture massage chairs for many top brand companies worldwide. While our massage chair stand behind Gold & Silver award winning pedals in china, we know you will profit greatly and enjoy our hi-tech quality massage chairs.

Wholesale Spas

Home spa, jacuzzi, swim spa and hot Tubs for home are for homeowners looking to enjoy a spa treatment more than once a month without spending a fortune. Now people could enjoy a high line professional spa at home, with the technological advances of spa jets and hot tubs.

Home spas became popular among people who care about health, since hydrotherapy can help diseases like arthritis and type-2 diabetes. Spas and hot tubs can also help with weight loss and the eradication of cellulite.

Quality furniture factory sell wholesale spas, Top quality furniture from top recognized quality factory. Backed by a full factory warranty, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Quality Bedroom Furnitures

The quality bedroom furnitures we produce is handcrafted with two series of woods and advanced technology of wood grain combination. Our customers have a choice between medium density fiberboard’s, Walnut, oak, maple, cherry, rosewood, teak, Chipboard, plywood & Shesham to make our quality bedroom furnitures. We provide our customers with perfect solutions.

Vending Massage Chairs

Vending massage chairs became very popular in the last decade. You can find vending massage chairs in malls, beauty salon, airports and more. The reason the vending massage chairs became so popular, is the big profit they bring. When operating a coin operated massage chair, you have minimum cost, no salary, no high rent and no worries, you just leave the bill operated vending massage chair, in the location you want to, and come back to collect the money and enjoy the high profit.

The new 2010 models of vending massage chairs are very sophisticated, they are programmed to have different type of massage in each on and they have the option to choose the desired body part to massage.